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CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. takes great pride in our safety of our operations and staff with our zero tolerance policy when it affects safety concerns on construction sites. Corporate Image is in good standings with WSIB and the Ministry of labour.

CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. strictly enforces safety through our management teams and employees throughout our many job sites Ontario Wide including all sub contractors.

Entering construction sites all staff must wear hard hats / safety boots / and if required protective vests / glasses and ear plugs.

* Ability to perform their duties according to our standards.
* Overall appearance and personality.
* Ability to take direct orders from management.
* Most importantly to have employees who are loyal and trustworthy.

Once an employee is selected to join our team we fully train him or her in all aspects of cleaning operations, focusing more in the area that the employee was hired for.

CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. accounts supervisor works hand in hand with the employees on the job site to insure the employees are fully aware and understand what is expected of him or her.

All subcontractors using lift chairs / swing stages must have all equipment in good working order that is inspected daily and be using proper safety belts / life lines and barriers. All subcontractors must be trained and have proper tickets.


All chemical / cleaning agents must be labeled and all staff trained to use them, along with all information in regards to WHMIS sheets which will be posted on site.

All "Green Certified Products" supplies will be used.

Wet floor signs are used when cleaning floors or areas that are yellow taped.

Corporate Image is to have First Aid Kit on site. Any CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. staff member who observes any unsafe concern on job site whether it is cleaning or other trades this concern should be reported to construction superintendent. All employees or sub contractors paid by CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. who fail to and are not adhering to our safety policies will be asked to leave the job site.

CORPORATE IMAGE FACILITY SERVICES LTD. foremen or crew leader is to call 911 for medical assistance and transport to hospital if needed.

Always work safe. It's everyone's responsibility.